If you are considering a move, summer is probably the best time to do so. Warm temperatures, more daylight and the bustling summer season are just a few reasons why a summertime move is ideal.

  1. Check the weather and start early 

Planning your move to account for weather can make or break the experience. Think about the difference between moving during a breezy summer morning vs. moving midday in the sweltering heat. Always check the weather and start early for best results when moving your belongings in the summer.


  1. Protect against pollen and dirt

If you are moving items through the outdoors make sure to cover them to protect against pollen and other outdoor debris. Especially if you are moving items with fabric such as couches or mattresses.

  1. Minimize items

Before your move, go through and see what belongings you’d like to keep and what you can toss. Moving with excess stuff can make the job harder. Taking inventory of your items will help you keep track of what is actually important to take to your new place and what can be donated, recycled or thrown away.

If you find yourself with less space at your new home than your previous home, contact the Manhattan mini storage storage experts at your local Gotham Mini Storage today so you can hold onto your important items and refresh your new place at your convenience.