It’s once again time to choose resolutions for the new year—and endeavor to keep them past February. Gotham Mini Storage compiled a list of ways we can help you make it to December 2016.

Tidy Up Your Home

Spring isn’t the only big house cleaning season! If one of your resolutions is making your house as clean and organized as possible, our storage units are a cost-effective way to store all of that extra stuff that you can’t get rid of just yet (think holiday decorations, baby items for your upcoming second child, IRS paperwork), but don’t need underfoot in your home. Since closet space is rarely plentiful in NYC, make our mini storage locker an extension of your home.

Move Somewhere New

For those with more flexible leases, the new year is a good time to look for somewhere different to live. Unfortunately, finding a new apartment is only half the battle. The real nuisance is moving all of that stuff from your old place to your new one. Fortunately, the variety of units offered at Gotham Mini Storage make moving a whole lot easier. We’re able to store your belongings if you get stuck in between leases or move into a smaller space.

Take a Vacation

If you’ve been putting off that much-needed vacation, make 2016 the year it happens. For those vacations or studying abroad trips that last longer than the usual two weeks, consider subletting your apartment or renting it out a few days at a time as a sort of vacation home for someone else (that is, if your building permits such activity). Not comfortable with the idea of someone else living among all of your things? Put your possessions in one of our storage units. With a free truck to help you transport your stuff, moving your belongings to our NYC storage facilities won’t be a hassle.

Ready to get started on those resolutions? Gotham Mini Storage, is the leading Manhattan mini storage provider, contact us and one of our storage experts will help you pick out the perfect unit for your needs, whether it’s a mini-storage locker or a full-size unit.