Loft apartments in Manhattan can be great—high ceilings, open floor plans, spectacular windows—but they can also give off a cold, industrial vibe that can make the space feel unwelcoming. How do you make sure your loft doesn’t give off the same standoffish vibes as a fashion magazine editrix? The storage services and organization experts at Gotham Mini Storage have four tips to help transform your New York City loft into a comfy, chic apartment that feels like home.

1. Opt for a loft bed

A loft bed can do wonders for a one-dimensional loft space. Not only will you be able to utilize the space underneath it for a desk, dresser, clothes rod or vanity, but it’ll also add dimension to your space. Since your loft bed will be higher than other pieces of furniture, it’ll break up the space and give it a nice variety. Loft beds come in a variety of styles and sizes, so no need for uncomfortable climbs in and out in the middle of the night.

2. Get creative with furniture placement

Just as a loft bed creates dimension, other furniture pieces, when positioned in an untraditional way, can break up the expansive loft layout. For example, position an armoire perpendicular to the wall, rather than flush against it, to create the feeling of a room on either side. This modular wall can move as the mood strikes you. To create a mock living room space, put your couch along the wall and a large TV stand across from it. This way, the TV stand gives the illusion of a wall while also giving you additional cabinet space.

3. Utilize every inch of wall space

Typically, loft apartments don’t have walls separating one room from another. While this makes them feel more spacious than traditional apartments, it also means noises echo and little to no storage space. To cut back on the cacophony of sounds, hang large art pieces, tapestries or create a gallery wall; the art will help absorb the sound while giving your loft the très chic urban look. For storage, consider dedicating one wall to a shelving unit, cabinets or closet system. jYou’re not relegated to ugly plastic bins; since everyone else in NYC is constantly on the hunt for more storage solutions, home designers have listened and responded with modular solutions and even modern furniture that lifts up for storing clothes. Looking for additional personal self storage space, but not willing to clutter your loft pace? Opt for a mini storage unit that offers around-the-clock security and a free van to help you move in.

4. Incorporate tons of textiles

Many times, loft apartments have been converted from an industrial environment, leaving you with gorgeous brick walls, exposed ceiling beams and ductwork. While these elements can be chic, they can sometimes feel dark and chilly. To warm up your loft’s atmosphere, consider using a white shag rug under a brass coffee table, velvet pillows in light colors on a leather couch or soft linen curtains in neutral or pastel shades around the windows.

For more ways to make your NYC loft feel like home, contact the storage team at Gotham Mini Storage, the leader in Manhattan mini storage.