There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the great outdoors, especially for sports enthusiasts. The best part of this hobby is, regardless of season, there’s always something exciting to do in the fresh air. You can hit the trails with your mountain bike when spring finally brings warmer weather, catch an epic wave with your surfboard to cool off in the dogs days of summer, kick back with some bait and your favorite rod in the lazy days of August, take in the gorgeous foliage from your canoe or kayak in the fall, and hit your favorite mountain with your favorite snowboard after the first (actual or man-made) snowfall in winter. The only downside to these exciting activities is figuring out what to do with your gear when you’re not using it!

Kayak or Canoe

Install a pulley system in your garage with rubber-coated hooks and a safe locking mechanism to protect your vessel and yourself. While this may sound like a complicated and expensive solution, installation is actually very simple and quality options start as low as $30.


There are a variety of ways to store bikes based on your available space. Freestanding bike stands are a great option for renters who don’t want to damage the garage, heavy-duty hooks fastened into a stud or rafter get your wheels off the ground, pulley systems as mentioned above will elevate your entire bike, and wall-mounted swivel hooks allow you to adjust the angle whenever you want.

Fishing Poles

Some inexpensive PVC pipe and a foam pool noodle make for an inexpensive storage hack. Drill holes slightly wider than the handle of your rod in the pipe and cut a slit in the pool noodles directly above these holes. This will not only secure your rod, but also keep your blank steady. Short on wall space? If you have room between the track for your garage door and the ceiling, install a rod holder there to keep them out of the way but still convenient.


You have a few unique options when it comes to storing your surfboard. If you have rafter beams before your garage ceiling, that’s a simple and easy solution. If not, you can purchase freestanding racks to store them upright or install angled shelving on the walls to ensure they don’t accidentally slip out and get damaged.


Storing a snowboard can be tricky if you don’t remove your bindings first—which, considering how much of your comfort depends on the precise, personalized placement of your bindings, many boarders try to avoid. Like surfboards, you can install angled shelves or a rack to keep it safe and secure, but if you’re looking for a more creative option you can install a shelf so your board lays flat and the top of it can be (gently) utilized for storage of other items, like your boots and helmet.

These tips are ideal for anyone with access to a garage—but what about city dwellers who are lucky to have even a closet in their apartment? Gotham Mini Storage, the premier Manhattan mini storage location, is here to provide secure and affordable storage for your favorite gear until you need it. Contact one of our storage experts today.