If you’re one of the 800,000 New Yorkers who regularly use a bike for transportation or recreation, you’re not new to biking in the city. From cycling lanes and bike share to stopping at red lights just like any other vehicle, there are a lot of things you need to know when biking around the Big Apple; but there is one thing everyone wants to know: Where do I store my bike? While square footage options may be low, there are a number of creative ways to store your bike in your apartment. Here are our top five:

  1. Rack It

    The most basic way to store your wheels is to install a bike rack. There a variety of racks at a range of prices, from your basic rubber-coated hook drilled into the wall to an installation-free gravity rack that does the hard work for you.

  2. Make It Wall Art

    If your bike has a special place in your heart and is more to you than an instrument that gets you from point A to point B, shout it from the rooftops–and display it on your walls. Treat your bike like the 3D piece of art it is and mount it on a bike shelf or with simple hooks.

  3. Put It on Display

    You have a display shelf for your aquarium, your record collection, and your Marvel catalogue, so why not your bike? Invest in a shelving unit that can accommodate your bike and then use the surrounding space for additional storage of your other favorite things.

  4. Look Up

    No, it’s not a bird or a plane: It’s your bike! If you’ve been gifted with high ceilings by the real estate gods or call a loft home, you’ve got the ideal bike storage solution. Simply install some hooks from your ceiling (and keep a stepladder handy) and watch your space open up.

  5. Step It Up

    Who said walk-ups were all bad? If you have stairs with room for storage underneath, your bike has a cozy home. Depending on what floor you live on, you may need to clear it with your landlord and invest in a quality chain and lock.

If your apartment is still too tight on space or you can’t use any of these solutions without kissing your security deposit goodbye, there’s one more great bike storage solution: Gotham Mini Storage. With a convenient Manhattan location, affordable prices, and 24/7 security, it’s the perfect place to park your ride. Contact the experts at Gotham Mini Storage the premier Manhattan mini storage location today to get started.