In New York, we know the associate the “four seasons” with three things: an iconic restaurant frequented by the famous, a magnificent world-class hotel and the passing of a year marked by changes in the weather and surrounding scenery. We embrace, welcome and celebrate these changes with decorations galore to adorn our living spaces with. It is not until the moment we go to pack them all up that we realize we have nowhere to put them… perhaps this is why by March, the streets are dotted with apartments still decked with boughs of holly and icicle lights. Don’t be one of those homes! From your ever-growing Christmas tree ornament collection to that life-size Frankenstein you bought for the annual Halloween bash, keep up with the seasons by organizing and packing your decorations into an air-conditioned storage unit.

Use these 5 steps to organize your decorations before packing them away:

1. Sort it out.

Before packing your seasonal decorations away for another year, use this time as an opportunity to look at everything you’ve accumulated, and to reflect on why you have so many decorations to begin with. Perhaps you have miles of garland and could afford to donate a yard or two, or maybe it’s time to part ways with those plastic snowmen you haven’t put out since Y2K. Once you’ve narrowed down your collection, sort decorations by season.

2. Organize the organized.

Now that you have everything presorted, it’s time to organize those decorations even more. Pack like items together for each season, which will make next season’s decorating chore much less daunting.

3. Take a break, then pack it up.

Take a 15-minute break to give your brain a rest, then start packing up all of your organized piles into the appropriate-size boxes. Need packing supplies? Your local storage facility may offer them for sale at their location—no need to be a customer.

4. Label everything.

This is probably the most important step in this whole process. As you’re packing, label each box with a number, its contents and the corresponding season. That way, you won’t be ripping through seemingly endless boxes of Christmas decorations just to find the New Year’s Eve noisemakers and party hats.

5. Put it down on paper.

Keeping this information as an organized list at home and at your storage unit ensures you can find it fast when you need it.

New York City doesn’t pause between seasons, and now, neither do you. Contact the team at Gotham Mini Storage, the leader in Manhattan mini storage, today to find the perfect unit for all your seasonal decorations.