Home security is one of the most nerve-racking things about being away from home. Even if you double-checked the locks on every window and door and set a security alarm, there’s always a part of you that’s concerned it won’t be enough and unsure of what else you can do to strengthen your home’s security. That’s why we developed these six helpful tips so you can put your mind at ease and enjoy your trip.

  1. Skip the “Hide a Key” Method

Hiding a key in a fake rock, on top of your door frame, or in your planter is a convenient and easy way for you to get into your home if you’ve misplaced your key–it’s also a convenient and easy way for someone else to get into your home, too. Most thieves will take the time to check for an easy way in before resorting to other methods; don’t give it to them.

  1. Automate it

Nothing says “easy pickings” more than a home with no lights on. Automatic lights are a well-known preventative trick, but it’s one that can be seen through easily if they come on and off at the exact same time every day. Invest in a few smart plugs or light bulbs you can operate with your smartphone and set them to go on and off at different times throughout the day. Extra points if you can activate your TV or some music, too.

  1. Light it Up

Motion sensors are a great way to keep your front and back yards and driveway well lit and active, but they can be useful inside, too. While you certainly wouldn’t want a sensor light active when you’re home, setting one up when you’re away can deter theft. If a thief is able to get into your home and is sneaking around in the dark, a sudden burst of bright light when they least expect it can be startling enough to make them leave.

  1. Keep Your Social Media Private

For many people, posting pictures and videos while on vacation is a fun way to share what a great time they’re having, but it’s also a clear message that they’re far away from home. Keep your posts on private so strangers can’t access them and, especially if you already have followers you don’t personally know, post a message thanking someone for staying at your house while you’re gone (even if it’s not true) so they don’t think it’s empty.

  1. Keep Valuables Out of the Limelight

We know you love your 70-inch 4K smart TV, but that’s one love you should keep to yourself by making sure you can’t easily see it through your windows. The same goes for your expensive wine collection, the Tiffany vase you got for your anniversary, and any other expensive item you’d want to display.

  1. Protect Your Wi-Fi

While Wi-Fi is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think about protecting your home, the ongoing advancements in technology make it more important every day. If you use your phone, computer, or tablet to access the smart devices in your home, including your security alarm, window and door sensors, and lighting, anyone who infiltrates your Wi-Fi can access them too.

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