More and more businesses today are finding it hard to manage the office space they rent, own or lease and are turning to self-storage as a solution to better organize their often office environment. Gotham Mini Storage’s helpful business storage guide is broken down by industry and will help you determine the best business storage solution for your particular business.

At Gotham Mini Storage, we recognize that many businesses need more control over what, where, when and how they store their business assets. Our customized storage units can be designed just the way you like it so that your business self storage unit meets the storage requirements that are particular to your business and industry. Gotham Mini Storage’s business storage solutions is a cost-effective, flexible and secure storage alternative that is in high demand by many of Manhattan businesses and used as an adjunct to current office space, eliminating the need to move into bigger and costlier office spaces.

Your business self-storage space is self-contained and fully secure and can vary in size according to your specific business needs—you could rent a unit as small as a closet all the way to a unit big enough to store all of your extensive business archives.

Lots of Manhattan contractors and salespeople have discovered a great little secret: Don’t rent expensive office space or warehouses to keep your businesses running. Instead, rent a self storage unit at Gotham Mini Storage (sized to fit your needs, with flexible leasing options) to store your equipment, supplies, inventory, and samples. Easily accessible 7 days a week, it’s your business storage solution.

Retailers and Restaurateurs

  • Store excess inventory in our climate-controlled units and unlike so-called “climate-controlled” units at some storage facilities, we keep our building close to room temperature year round.
  • Store office supplies, holiday decorations, marking materials and signage, restaurant equipment and supplies
  • Easy shipping and receiving with convenient drive-up access to our extra-large elevators

Realtors, Home Stagers and Interior Designers

  • Help sell that house. Have your clients de-clutter their homes and stage it for an easy sale. Clutter-free homes sell faster (about 50% less time on the market) and sell for nearly 10% more!
  • Clear out basements, garages, attics and ‘catch all’ rooms to make homes appear more spacious.
  • In between selling your home and buying your next home? Use Gotham Mini Storage for those transition periods.
  • Climate-controlled storage units protect all your items from mold, mildew and damage caused by fluctuating temperatures.

Sales Professionals

  • Get your office out of your car and into a clean, climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Have your inventory all in one place, your storage unit, to keep organized and make more effective sales calls.
  • Climate-controlled units for all types of files, records, inventory, furniture, and supplies
  • Daily access to your storage unit for your convenience
  • Keep it safe! Only you will have a key to your personal storage unit. No one else has access and with Gotham Mini Storage’s 24/7 surveillance with over 100 security cameras and high tech entry system, your belongings are safe. We’re the only mini storage facility monitored by the TSA.
  • Free coffee on the house!

Financial, Legal and Medical Professionals

  • Receive and ship inventory easily with our convenient drive up access to our extra-large elevators.
  • Climate-controlled storage designed to keep critical documents safe from fluctuating temperatures and water damage
  • Long- and short-term storage solutions, rent a storage unit depending on the legal requirements for document retention
  • Daily access to storage units
  • Store drug samples in a climate-controlled environment
  • Secure environment with more than 100 security cameras, well-lit wide corridors, 24/7 surveillance and high-tech entry system
  • Centralize inventory for more efficient sales calls

The Trades: Contractors, Landscapers/Plumbers/Electricians

  • Store big, bulky landscaping equipment (snow blowers, power tools, landscaping tools) when not in use or during the off season.
  • Convenient drive up access to our extra-large elevators makes storing bulky items easy.
  • Secure, climate-controlled facilities for peace of mind
  • Daily access to your unit for your convenience
  • Use your storage unit as a mini warehouse or office space

E-Commerce Sellers

  • Store all your e-store merchandise in your customized storage unit
  • Packing and shipping supplies available on premises
  • Convenient drive up access to our extra-large elevators for storing bulky items
  • Manage your inventory with quick access, 7 days a week for your convenience

Whether you’re looking to store just a few items, archive your business paperwork or put most of your business assets in a safe place for a few weeks, months or years, this could be a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business storage needs. Contact Gotham Mini Storage  (the leader in  Manhattan mini storage) today for more information!