If you are moving back to Manhattan to your parents’ home or apartment after graduating college, you are not alone: recent studies have shown that in recent years, 45% of college graduates ages 18 to 24 move back in with their parents. There is no denying that living in your childhood home for the first time in years is going to be a big change for you—and your parents.

Along with debates about curfews and discussions about your lifestyle, one of the biggest annoyances is figuring out with what to do with your stuff. After four years and an apartment or two of your own, you’ve probably accumulated quite a lot of things, from furniture to a myriad of electronics. Unlike the average suburban house, your parents’ NYC apartment probably doesn’t have ample storage space (not many two-car garages in Midtown). And don’t be surprised if your parents aren’t too keen on the idea of you putting your mismatched couch in their living room or stuffing their home’s closets with your assortment of stuff.

Instead of desperately trying to find an out-of-the-way place for everything, there is a better option: Gotham Mini Storage. Whether you kept a couple of items from your dorm room or everything that was in your off-campus apartment, we have student storage unit sizes that can accommodate your needs. Our self-storage units start at the size of a small locker and go as large as a single-car garage. With a free move-in truck and driver we provide, getting your stuff here won’t be a problem either. It doesn’t matter if it is electronics, records, your senior thesis or other sensitive items. Our self-storage facilities are climate controlled, come equipped with motion sensors and are monitored by an alarm system to keep your items safe. No matter how long you keep your stuff with us, you can expect it to be in the same condition as when you left it. Best of all, our low price guarantee means we will provide you with the best price in NYC storage.

Let Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage) help you and your parents make the transition home from college a smooth one. Contact us now and rest assured that you’ve chosen the best in NYC storage.