If you think you need your GPS to find the Gotham Mini Storage building at the corner or 10th and West 39th Street, you might feel a bit silly. The six story building of brightly branded red-and-yellow architecture is difficult not to find. It’s one of the latest competitors in New York City’s self-storage market.

“What’s great is, we’re very personable here,” facility manager Adam Goldstein says of his colleagues. “We don’t work on commission; we work together as a team. If somebody comes in and deals with me, they can come back and deal with Kaley, Amanda or Alex. It’s a laid-back atmosphere.”

Looking around, you see the climate-controlled, drive-in loading area with plenty of parking spaces. If you’ve ever had to move or load your stuff in the dead of winter or in a New York heat wave you know how amazing this climate-controlled feature is. The drive-in loading garage on the first floor leads directly into two of the largest elevators you’ll ever see. Each is designed to hold an entire vehicle for loading and unloading.

When you think of self-storage in Manhattan, you think of a little square thing that’s dirty, dark the standards are low, where the staffing is not quality staffing. If you want something ‘huge’ in Manhattan, you’re looking at a 10×10. As you go through the carpeted corridors of each floor at Gotham Mini Storage, you’ll notice the many various size units available ranging from small 4×4 lockers to huge 80×20 rooms. You’ll also notice the picturesque view of the Manhattan skyline.

Shelves, lights, clothing racks and 11-foot ceilings can be reworked to meet a customer’s special needs. One of the amazing innovations (a phrase you don’t often hear describing self-storage facilities), Gotham Mini Storage features on some of the 2,000 units are doors on both sides to maximize space on the inside.

With big self-storage companies they’re not investing as much in each location, so they don’t have quality staff behind the counter and the facilities wind up falling apart.

Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage) puts the money and effort into their New York City self-storage facility providing its customers a better self-storage experience. Gotham aims to keep that bar very high. Perfection is really what they’re looking for and beyond a doubt it shows.

Source: The Storage Facilitator