Space is hard to come by in New York City apartments, so if you live an active lifestyle—but are tired of tripping over your equipment as you stumble out of bed every morning—then here’s your Hail Mary: mini storage units. Whether you’re a snow bunny who likes to hit the slopes in winter, a surfer who enjoys riding the waves in summer, or a family whose kids play every sport under the sun, utilizing a mini storage unit is the perfect solution for New Yorkers. Here are five tips for storing your sports equipment in a storage unit, so you can curtail the clutter in your apartment.

1. Control the climate

Choose a storage facility that offers climate control; it should be top priority. Golf clubs, skis, snowboards, skateboards and surfboards are all negatively affected by heat and moisture, so keep them in tip-top shape by storing them in a climate-controlled facility.

2. Clean before you store

No matter what sporting equipment you wish to store, cleaning it is step one. Scrape off any grass, mud or dirt, and wipe the equipment clean. To avoid mildew, ensure your equipment is completely dry before placing it in its container or bag for storage.

3. Preserve the shape

To ensure items such as snow boot liners, baseball mitts, cleats or hockey pads keep their shape, fill them with newspaper. This way, your equipment will be ready for action when you are.

4. Take the stink out

If you’re storing things such as football gear, helmets or skiing/snowboarding boots, wash the pieces before storing, if possible. If the items can’t be thrown in a washing machine or dishwasher, sprinkle the equipment with baking soda—it absorbs lingering odors.

5. Extra effort goes a long way

You don’t give it 50 percent when you’re flying down the trails, so don’t give 50 percent when storing your equipment. For skis and snowboards, wax them before storing to prevent rusting. To avoid scratches or dings, invest in specialty bags, such as a rain bag for golf clubs or an insulated bag for stand-up paddleboards.

To learn how to which mini storage unit is your perfect fit, contact Gotham Mini Storage— the leader in Manhattan mini storage. We offer a free truck at move-in so you’re not schlepping those skis, clubs, protective gear or surfboard on the subway.