With the Spring semester almost finished, it’s high time to start planning a summer internship. Many college students flock to New York City each summer to gain experience in a wide range of professions, from news and editorial experience to banking and legal affairs. New York is a wonderful place to be in the summer—but the sticker shock of living the city life often catches college students off guard. Here are several tips for making your NYC internship a memorable one:

Rent will be higher than you expect

And the apartment or bedroom in a share you do secure will be much smaller than you imagined. Rents for studio apartments hover around $2,000 a month, with many going much higher in more-desirable areas. Oftentimes, sharing an apartment is an intern’s only viable avenue. For any belongings that don’t fit your 3-bedroom with no living room apartment, consider renting a storage unit that offers free van service to move in your stuff.

It can get hot—very hot

You’ll soon realize why New Yorkers with the means to do so flee the city on the weekends for the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore: pounding the pavement in July can be a sweaty endeavor! Though you’ll need to be dressed appropriately for your internship’s office, storing a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals in your desk, bringing a lighter shirt / outfit with you or simply coming to terms with sweating through your dress clothes will be a reality.

The food is amazing—and expensive

A running theme in New York City living, everything is expensive here. Some of the hidden gems are: $1 coffee that actually tastes good; the wonders of a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll for breakfast; and the $1 pizza slice. Food blogs like Midtown Lunch and Eater often have the scoop on the most frugal ways to stretch your food budget. And since it’s summer, don’t underestimate the joys of eating your homemade sandwich in a nearby park at lunchtime.

Once you tackle the logistics, you are primed to enjoy your NYC internship. Need a place to store your belongings while you couch surf? Consider the climate-controlled, 24/7 secured facilities at the leading Manhattan Mini Storage location. Our intern-friendly rates help keep one NYC expense reasonable.