Once your storage unit starts getting full it can become unbearably difficult to keep track of everything in there. Even if you keep your boxes labeled you might not know every single thing inside of each box. Additionally, when you are home, you might not know what is in your storage unit and what is elsewhere. In reality, it is pretty simple to keep track of what is in your unit. Let Gotham Mini Storage tell you how:

Step 1: Label, Label, Label

The easiest way to make your storage unit a sea of unknown items is to not label anything at all. Make up simple names for each box of stuff, as long as it is distinct. It doesn’t matter if you call it “Box A,” “Kitchen,” “Books” or anything else. You’ll see why in a minute.

Step 2: Make an Inventory Sheet

Once you are ready to start packing, create an inventory sheet. As you are putting things away into a box, write down the name of the box and what you are putting in it on the sheet. It is as simple as that. Don’t be vague either. Writing down “lamp” and “books” isn’t going to help you when you are looking for that one Hemingway novel or your grandma’s lamp.

Step 3: Take Photos

Not everything can fit in a box, so take some pictures of the bigger items in your storage units. When all is said and done, put the photos and the inventory sheet together in a folder and put it somewhere safe.

Step 4: Make a Map

This step is optional, but if you have a larger unit, you’ll definitely want to do this. When you have one of our single car garage-sized units, it is going to take you a lot of time to find that one box you are looking for. Alternatively, you could mark a general location on your inventory sheet like “back left corner.”

There is a reason that Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage) is known as the best in New York City storage. Contact us now to take advantage of our unbeatable prices and service.