If you’re one of the 56,268 artists living in New York City, you probably know that the term “starving artist” can be all too real sometimes. While it’s widely understood that many artists may not make enough from selling their art, people rarely consider the actual costs involved with its creation—in particular, where it’s made. Rent in NYC is only getting higher every day, but many artists still don’t have enough space in which to create. With studio rental prices soaring to over $1,000 a month, some can’t afford to even share a workspace—until now. A storage unit is a great alternative to traditional studio space, at a fraction of the price! Whatever your niche, you can turn your unit into the creative place of your dreams.

1. Art Studio. 

This open space gives artists the freedom to get their hands dirty and create—whether it’s painting, drawing, ceramics, or another medium. With the simple additions of some shelving for your tools, a chair and table/easel, and a tarp or sheet to protect the floor (and your security deposit) from any damage, this private space can become your artistic haven.

2. Music Space. 

No more neighbors complaining about your guitar solo or you having to push furniture into the hallways to accommodate your drum kit. The open space of a storage unit is like your very own stage, and most other unit renters won’t spend extended periods of time there, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone. Add some inexpensive soundproofing, and you’re on your way to making sweet music.

3. Craft Shop. 

Whether you run a successful Etsy shop, are a permanent fixture at craft shows, or are just starting out, a storage unit offers you the space to create your wares without letting glue guns and beads overtake your home. Set up your workstation, stash excess materials, bring in some shelving units and storage boxes to keep your tools and supplies, and store your completed creations until they sell!

4. Fashion Designer. 

Fashion can be messy. Between sewing machines, fabric rolls, thread, ironing boards, displayed design sketches, and mannequins, space at home can run out quickly. Moving your operation to a storage unit will decrease your stress so you can concentrate on design, and increase your free space at home.

5. Photography Studio. 

One of the most difficult aspects of holding shoots in your home is a lack of free space. A storage unit is the blank space you’ve been looking for. There’s plenty of room to install a backdrop, proper lighting, fans, and props. And unlike your apartment, its fourth wall is really a door, allowing you to maintain added distance between you and your subject for pictures that are worth more than a thousand words.

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