Why does it feel like no matter how big your home is, you always seem to have more stuff than places to put it? Before you put a real estate agent on speed dial or donate 50 percent of your clothes, take a good look around your home and decide if you’re utilizing your space in the most efficient way. There is storage potential hidden throughout your home, you just need to know where to look and how to take advantage of it.

Discover 5 Easy Ways to Free Up Space Today.

1. Storage ottomans and coffee tables. 

The best way to store things that you don’t have space for is to use something that already exists in your home. Combine function and fashion when you swap out your coffee table, ottomans and even bedroom benches for ones that feature a hollow center to hide extra pillows, blankets, sheets and more. Think you can’t fit that much into those spaces? Think again. Use space saver vacuum bags and instantly multiply your storage capacity.

2. Tension rods. daf

These come in all lengths and widths and are an incredibly versatile way to maximize your home’s storage potential. Put them under your kitchen sink to hang spray bottles off of and create more space for other cleaning items, add one to your closet for upper and lower tier hanging, use them to store ribbon rolls or secure wrapping paper, put thin ones in your pantry to “elevate” shorter groceries, like spices and condiments… the possibilities are endless!

3. Over-the-door storage. 

There are always doors to turn into functional storage—unless you live in an open concept flat… then you’re on your own! For the rest of us, you can use over-the-door storage for anything, like towels in your bathroom, laundry in your bedroom, shoes in your closet, toys in your kids’ rooms and just about anything in your kitchen pantry.

4. Magnets, magnets, magnets.

 Magnets can be your storage best friend when you use them right. No room for your spice rack? Use magnets to affix them to the fridge. Bathroom drawer overflowing? Install a magnetic strip to hold tweezers, hair pins, nail cutters and other metal items. Need more storage in your kitchen? Install a sheet of metal to the underside of your cabinets, then glue magnets on any lightweight item you want. Have no small kids at home and not enough drawer space for your knives? Install a magnetic knife rack. Have small kids? Use that magnetic knife rack to store things like toy cars instead!

5. Pegboards. 

Pegboard storage is incredibly versatile and only requires an empty space on your wall. Whether it’s tools in the garage, sewing and crafting supplies, toys, pots and pans or laundry room supplies, you can get them out of the way and on display.

Have you utilized all of these storage must-haves but still have some items you simply can’t store at home but won’t part with? Contact Manhattan’s mini storage experts at Gotham Mini Storage and move your belongings into a secure, climate-controlled storage unit in NYC today!