When you were apartment hunting in New York City, you probably whipped out your mental (or literal) tape measure for the major spaces. Preoccupied with how you’d fit your dresser in the bedroom, couch in the living room, and culinary skills in the kitchen, the bathroom went unnoticed. Now the idea of being able to blow dry your hair or shave comfortably seems like a fairy tale. We may not be able to give you that clawfoot tub/walk-in shower/whirlpool bath trifecta, but we can make your morning routine something to look forward to with these five tips.

1. Reflect More Space

It may sound counterintuitive, but using an oversized mirror in your bathroom actually gives the illusion of much more space. For a more stylish effect, frame it with a border the same size and paint it your color of choice for a pop of personality.

2. Spice Up Your Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have even a postage stamp-sized bathroom counter, it’s probably cluttered and overflowing with lotions, cotton swab and toothbrush holders, hair products and tools, and more. Treat yourself to some breathing room and get more organized when you mount some simple spice racks on the wall to store all your odds and ends.

3. Rethink the Towel Rack

No room for your extra towels? Turn that spare wine rack into the perfect storage solution when you mount it on the wall. Don’t want to part with your vino holder? Install four or five smaller baskets on the wall instead. Get even more bang for your buck by rolling towels instead of folding them. And since this is NYC, chances are you share the bathroom with at least one roomie. Keep everyone’s in-use towels separate by installing coat hooks instead of a traditional rack.

4. Look Up

The space between the top of the bathroom door and the ceiling is criminally underused. Take advantage of the extra room and install a shelf there. Avoid potential knocks on the noggin by only putting softer items up there, or by opting for a shelf with a bar around the center.

5. Relax with Tension (Rods)

Tension rods can be incredibly versatile in a small room. Put one in your shower and hang some baskets along with it for additional space to keep all of your shower products and to maintain a clear separation between your and your roomie’s stuff. Luck out with some cabinet storage? Hang a tension rod along the top to double your space.

So, you’ve followed these hacks and the ones in our cozy kitchen, secret storage, and tiny apartment blogs, but you still don’t have enough room? Contact the Manhattan mini storage experts for an affordable, secure solution to your space-saving needs.