Chances are, when you moved into your New York City apartment and saw what qualified as “storage space,” you culled through your belongings and parted with the stuff you just couldn’t make room for. But that was then. In the time since, your belongings have only grown, but your home has not. We may not be able to add a basement and attic to your pad, but we can give you some ways to make storage concerns a thing of the past with these five tips.

1. Display Your Shoes. 

Does your love affair with shoes rival Carrie Bradshaw’s? You spend your hard-earned money on them, don’t waste their style (or your storage space) by keeping them tucked away. Install some rows of tasteful crown molding on an unused wall and rest your high heels on the edge. The weight of the soles will secure themselves and serve as an excellent conversation piece.

2. Piping Hot Storage. 

Do you have unsightly radiators in your apartment? Spring for a radiator cover with built-in shelves to make the most of your space. If you like the aesthetic of your cozy buddy, but still want more storage, install a shelf right above it with one of these DIY ideas. You’ll want to opt for a marble, stone, or similar material; wood can quickly warp and is a potential fire hazard.

3. Eat in Front of the TV. 

OK, so the TV doesn’t have to be on—or there. Add a fun vibe to your meals by putting a long accent table directly behind your couch. Pair it with some bar stools and you won’t have to worry about eating room until the next time it’s your turn to host a family holiday dinner. This will free up kitchen space for other storage needs.

4. Think Outside the Pantry. 

Don’t have a lot of—or any—pantry space in your kitchen? A slide-out cabinet is the answer to your spice, can, jar, etc., needs. As long as you have a few inches of free space between your refrigerator and wall/counter, you can find a narrow, open-shelved cabinet on wheels to make the most of it. Handy with tools and want to save some money? Do it yourself!

5. Hook Up Your Closet. 

Closet space is hard to come by in NYC, so you’ve probably reached your limit and added a dresser or bins to handle the overflow. Get your clothes out of your space and back into your closet with a few “S” hooks and utility chains. Attach the chain to the hook, then hang the hook from the closet rod. Now put a hanger on each link of the chain, giving you space for at least five per chain!

So, you’ve followed these hacks and the ones in our itty-bitty bathroom, cozy kitchen, and tiny apartment blogs, but you still don’t have enough room? Contact the Manhattan mini storage experts at Gotham Mini Storage for an affordable, secure solution to your space-savings needs.