Moving in Manhattan can be expensive: buying packing supplies, hiring movers, renting a move-in truck, utilizing a short-term storage unit. But there may be even more charges you aren’t aware of. With a bit of planning, you won’t be left high-and-dry by whoever is moving you to your new NY pad. Here are five hidden charges you should be on the lookout for, so you don’t get taken for a sucker. (You’re on your own with the New York City cabbies.)

1. Insurance can ensure added costs

In some circumstances, after signing your contact you are entitled to basic insurance coverage. However, this generally won’t insure any damage that may happen to your belongings. In order to protect your precious items and any damage that may incur, you will need to purchase additional coverage. Or, the movers’ insurance may only cover what they pack themselves—so saving money by foregoing the full-service move option may backfire in the long run.

2. Elevators and parking and stairs—oh my!

If your moving company has to park a significant distance away from your doorstep, expect to be charged $90 to $120 every 75 feet. Dealing with an elevator? There’s generally a one-time fee of $75. A lot of stairs? This will also increase the cost of your move.

3. The bigger the item, the more expensive it’ll be to move

When moving large items such as pianos, pool tables or valuable antiques, additional charges will most likely apply. To avoid surprise charges the day of your move, be honest and upfront with your movers about all of your bulky items and measure them when possible.

4. Canceling can cost you

By notifying your moving company with more than a week’s notice, you can avoid any cancellation fees. However, if you notify them one week before your scheduled move, you could potentially be charged $50 to $100. Canceling with five days or fewer to go before your move-in date can land you a whopping charge of $300 or even the full moving deposit.

5. Transportation could add up

Movers will generally charge a travel fee, but if extra time is needed, there may be an additional cost. To avoid this, opt for a company that gives you transportation perks, such as a free move-in truck when you rent a storage unit.

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