Do you have a big lifestyle, but a small home? Whether it’s clothing and accessories, decorations, sporting equipment or something else, most of us own things that don’t have a  purpose year-round. We end up hiding these off-season items in the backs of closets, under beds, in attics or, worse, in the garage, leaving our vehicles out in the cold or heat. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: store your seasonal belongings in a nearby self-storage unit. Find a storage center that offers you as much or as little space as you need and declutter your home.

Follow These Storage Tips to Ensure Your Things Make It To Next Season

Do your clothing storage homework.

It can be tempting to just throw all of your seasonal clothes into boxes or containers and get it over with. Instead, you should sort and donate or sell things you haven’t worn in the past year, so they don’t take up valuable space. All clothes should be laundered as well—moths and pests are attracted to food and stains, and untreated stains often become darker. Also iron clothes and ensure fabrics are dry prior to storing, as moisture will create mildew and the heat will destroy any potential moth eggs.

Use the right storage tools.

Plastic containers that protect against moisture and pests are the best way to store things; ideal ones are transparent. Create an inventory of the items in each container, tape it under the lid and then label the outside of the container for easy sorting. Want even greater protection for your favorite clothes? Disinfect and line with a cotton sheet, muslin or acid-free tissues before adding clothing.

Don’t forget about seasonal kitchenware.

Your clothes aren’t the only things that change with the season—our eating habits can too. You may not have a need for a slow cooker or roasting pan in the summer or an ice cream maker or grill in the winter, so why let them take up room in your home?

Bring the great outdoors inside.

Making room in your garage or attic for your shovels, snow blowers, ice melt and other cold-season must-haves can be frustrating or impossible if your home doesn’t have many storage options. Putting these, as well as warm weather outdoor items like patio furniture, tiki torches (free from fuel), cushions and gardening tools in storage is an easy way to keep them protected from the elements and free up space in your home.

Don’t be the house with year-round Christmas lights.

Decorations can be lost or easily forgotten when they’re mixed together. Organize your holiday decorations in well-labeled, clear containers and keep them grouped together for easy access.

You can’t stop the seasons from changing, but you can stop their accouterments from overtaking your home. Contact the experts at Gotham Mini Storage, the premier Manhattan mini storage facility, and greet the changing seasons with open arms, climate controlled storage in Manhattan… and an organized home.