As of 2015, the Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that there were 28,443,856 small businesses in the United States, and of which more than 5.7 million had employees other than the owner. Many small businesses don’t possess the need or funds to open their own location and are left with no option but to run their business out of their home (or garage, if they’re lucky). What they may not know is that there’s a little-known third option to separating your home and work life: renting a storage unit. Read on to discover how operating out of a storage unit can help your business—and your bottom line—grow.

It keeps your overhead low

Signing a lease that could cost thousands of dollars every month is a huge commitment. You may find that your business doesn’t flourish in that area, that you have more inventory than space or that you don’t have the financial room to hire more employees. Utilizing a business storage unit like Gotham Mini Storage is budget-friendly, won’t lock you into a long-term lease and gives you the freedom to upgrade to a larger unit as your business grows.

It’s a secure way to protect your inventory

Unless your business sells security devices, your office equipment and inventory are vulnerable. Many storage units offer comprehensive security measures in addition to your unit’s lock and key, like 24/7 video surveillance, motion detectors, sign-in requirements and keypad entry into the building.

You control the weather, but not Mother Nature

Climate-controlled storage units guarantee your inventory won’t experience extreme hot or cold conditions in a way your home simply can’t. Whether you sell wood furniture, instruments, art, wine, books or electronics, keeping them at the appropriate temperature is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

It’s ideal for keeping records

Even if your business warrants an independent location, the files and records you need to keep can be overwhelming. Ensure your files are safe and secure in a mini storage unit. Many storage facilities even offer custom racks and organizational tools for the best record-keeping possible.

It can give your business the ZIP code you can’t

Depending on your industry, your clientele may be more receptive to a business operating out of a city with an upscale reputation. With a storage unit space in a good neighborhood, you can afford to give your business a more enviable address than might otherwise be possible.

Running a successful small business can be difficult and expensive, but finding a place from which to run it doesn’t have to be. Contact the experts at Gotham Mini Storage, the premier Manhattan mini storage provider, today and start building your (small) business empire!