Whether you just moved to Manhattan or simply want to de-clutter your current apartment, packing your items into a mini storage unit can feel a lot like Tetris. But unlike the video game, you can’t start over with a clean slate when the boxes come crashing down due to poor stacking. Here are a few tips that will help maximize your storage unit’s space without the headaches.

Easy access

Prioritize your furniture and boxes so the more important belongings are in the front. Being able to access boxes that are filled with things like seasonal clothes will be less of a pain when the frigid NYC winter and scorching summer hits; you’ll be able to just grab, swap and go.

Maximize space

Take advantage of your furniture and large appliances by using them as additional storage. Fill that empty mini-fridge with boxes and store items on top of and inside of dressers, nightstands and wall units. Use a strip of tape on the outside of large pieces to indicate what you’ve packed inside. This will help you stay organized and prevent a guessing game later on.

Make a list and check it twice

Moving can be overwhelming, and when you store your belongings, it’s easy to forget what you put in your unit and where. Avoid this headache by making a diagram of all of the items in your unit and their approximate location.

Consistency is key

When choosing the size of your boxes, it’s smart to only use two different sizes. Stacking your boxes will be a much easier feat!

For peace of mind, store in pieces

For pieces of furniture that easily come apart (ahem, Ikea), dismantle before you add to your unit. To avoid vital screws and other hardware, put them in a plastic zip-top bag (along with the original assembly instructions, if you have them) and tie or tape together table legs, bed rails and shelves.

To learn how to correctly and safely organize your mini storage unit to maximize the space available, contact the storage professionals at Gotham Mini Storage, the leader in Manhattan mini storage.