Running out of space? Need help maximizing your storage options? Gotham Mini Storage has these four hidden storage ideas to help you take advantage of space you didn’t even realize you had.

Storage under stairs

Unless your stairs to the basement or upstairs are stacked, the space under stairs is the perfect solution to store everything from books to bicycles. You can even add pull-out drawers and/or closets under sturdy stairs to stash extra linens and seasonal items or use as a portable mudroom for children’s shoes, backpacks and sports equipment. You’d be amazed at how much wasted space lies underneath a staircase.

Under-bed drawers

Under your bed provides prime hidden-storage opportunities, whether for extra sweaters, seasonal clothes, blankets or an impressive collection of shoes and purses. There are even special mattresses with lifts to reveal a hidden compartment – great for stashing bulky blankets!

Hidden Alcove

Do you have a small alcove or two in your home? Their potential is not typically realized. Any small recessed section of a room will do. You can easily create an arched opening (such as in a wall) to store books and even add shelves. Try building custom shelving, hang floating shelves, or create a flush storage unit to provide space for books, a collection, or other items that can quickly clutter up a room. Best yet, even just a foot deep is enough room to add a built-in computer desk with a fold-down workspace.

Bay Windows

Do you have a bay window in your home? Add a hinged window seat into the bay and you’ve instantly created additional space inside the seat. It’s a great place to tuck away extra pillows, blankets, and a great stash of your favorite books and magazines.

These four ideas can help you find extra storage solutions in your home, cutting down on the amount of self storage you’ll need. When storing items in a storage unit, hidden spaces include utilizing space in appliances like ranges, ovens, and refrigerators; bookcases; armoires and wardrobes.

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