Every year New York Comic Con (NYCC) takes place at The Javits Center. NYCC 2022 will run from Thursday, October 6 through Sunday, October 9. If you’re thinking about attending for the first time, be aware that this is the convention where you can geek out and be inspired by your favorite comic artists, film idols, and cosplayers. Read on for our 5 tips for making your first time at Comic Con your best experience ever! 

1. Expect a crowd

On average, around 200,000 people attend Comic Con in New York every year. Last year there were over 600 exhibitors, so expect lines and seas of people. Comic Con is the East Coast’s most popular pop culture convention and the second largest comic convention in the world. There is no better place to experience this type of event than Gotham City.

2. Bring cash

Comic Con is not the place you want to take cash out of an ATM or accidentally misplace your credit card. Bring cash and take it out of your account before you arrive at the convention. Food, admission, and transportation are the big ticket purchases that are necessary to attend Comic Con. Everything else is optional. Whether you want to spend hundreds of dollars on rare comic books or just get a poster or two, the options are endless. 

3. Overwhelmed? There is a quiet room 

Comic Con has a quiet place where you can get away from the crowd—enter *the quiet room.* The location of the NYCC quiet room is somewhat of a secret and is only announced shortly prior to the convention. Note: Strict volume levels will be enforced in the NYCC quiet room as this is for resting, not socializing. Check back on the official NYCC website FAQs for the quiet room announcement! 

4. Plan your eating

With so much to see and so many booths and panels to attend, hunger will creep up on you. Make sure to plan where you are going to eat and what. Note—food at Comic Con is pricey. We’re talking $5 for a water bottle type of spending, so make sure you pack a couple of snacks and a water bottle in your bag. 

5. Bring a backpack 

Bringing a backpack to the convention is an essential part of your trip. This will serve as a place to hold everything you brought to the convention as well as all the merchandise you will purchase. Keep in mind that security will check your bag upon arrival.

Armed with these five tips, you’re sure to have the best New York Comic Con experience possible. Looking for even more advice? Read our guide to Comic Con! If you are at the Javits Center and need daily storage, Gotham Mini Storage has you covered! Located just steps away from the Javits Center, we are the premier Manhattan mini storage facility. So don’t lug your merch from your trip to The Javits Center all around Manhattan. Rent a secure and convenient daily storage locker for as little as $29.00!