1. Dorm Curtain Wall 

If there is one thing the typical dorm room is lacking, it’s privacy. The typical dorm room is 12’ by 19’, which is around 228 square feet of actual living space. To put that in perspective, the average NYC apartment (known for being tiny) is 886 square feet. By creating a curtain wall in your door room around your bed, you can give yourself a little more privacy in your new digs and an extra luxurious element that many of your peers won’t have. Utilize no drill curtain rods or command hooks to drape college dorm room curtains, like these from Target. 

2. Organized Drawers (Ikea Here We Come) 

Limited space calls for organization in all areas! When drawers are organized, you can fit more inside and keep the clutter off tabletops. Use acrylic bins like these from The Container Store to keep everyday essentials. A rolling shower caddy like this one from Ikea is a great option for the trek to the shower and a great tool to keep all your bathroom belongings in one place. 

3. Desk Organizers or Bust! 

Desk organizers are a must-have for busy college students with full schedules. Having enough storage space for your desk items allows you to pack it all away after a late-night study session and keeps your dorm room surfaces clean and clutter-free. Check out Pinterest’s 20 office organizing ideas to make the most of your dorm room desk! 

4. Under the Bed

Utilizing under-bed storage from a lofted bed is a great way to add space to your dorm room and keep things organized. You can choose to loft the bed high enough to fit a desk or couch underneath or you can fill up the extra space with shelves and drawers like these from Ikea

5. Utilize Wall Space 

When you have limited floor space why not think vertical and use wall space? Use Command hooks so you don’t end up getting fined by your college for damaging walls. Use them to attach  storage bins to the wall like these from Amazon. Just make sure you don’t store heavy items as even large Command strips can only hold up to 16 pounds.

If you just can’t fit it all in your dorm room but you need your items close by, try renting a storage unit in your college town. Gotham Mini Storage are experts in student storage and Manhattan mini storage have created a college student storage guide you should check out before moving in! 

Also check out Gotham’s specials for students on neighboring NYC campuses including Barnard College,  Mercy College, City University of New York and more!