It’s not easy being green—unless it’s the kind of green that respects and protects the Earth. Whether you’re a long-time carbon footprint warrior or just now understanding the merits of being more eco-friendly, it’s easy to incorporate “green” habits and practices in your daily life—even when it comes to self-storage!

5 Simple Eco-Friendly Storage Tips

Say “no” to plastic containers

As anyone who supports reusable straws and carries all their shopping in tote bags will tell you, plastic is so yesterday. Even when it’s not a one-time-use item, the production of plastic materials like storage bins produces environmentally harmful pollutants. Instead, opt for biodegradable (but sturdy) cardboard boxes that can be recycled when they need to be replaced.

Pack sustainably

Cardboard boxes are a great start, but you’re not doing the planet any favors if you load them up with nonbiodegradable Styrofoam blocks and peanuts. Invest in biodegradable packing peanuts if you truly need them to cushion your boxes, otherwise, fill your boxes with paper towels or clothes and hand/bathroom towels you no longer need.

Ask to speak to the manager

No, we’re not telling you to be a Karen. Many retail stores receive their inventory on stackable wooden pallets that they dispose of and are typically more than happy to pass them on to customers who request them. These are the perfect recyclable and renewable ways to keep your boxes elevated off your storage unit’s floor.

Clean consciously

While it’s always good practice to clean your unit and belongings regularly to keep them in top condition, you don’t need to use cleaning supplies made from toxic chemicals to keep things spick-and-span. There is a whole world of environmentally friendly cleaning products at your disposal. More of a DIY person? You can make your own green supplies using just vinegar, baking soda, and water.

Choose the right storage partner

Believe it or not, even the storage facility you use can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. A storage provider with LED lighting and climate control (like Gotham Mini Storage) will consume far less energy than its counterparts—and you’ll have the best possible environment and climate to keep your belongings in pristine condition.

Now that you know how you can make your self-storage habits more eco-friendly, it’s time to find the storage facility that shares your dedication. Contact the experts at Gotham Mini Storage, the most convenient Manhattan mini storage location, for a secure, climate-controlled storage partner.