When it comes to storage, few things are as fragile as glass. Finding a safe place that will protect your everyday tumblers, holiday crystal or occasional glassware is not for the faint of heart. Delicate, and at times valuable, glass objects can be tricky to store since they can easily become scratched or cracked or lose their luster. 

5 tips for keeping your glassware safe and beautiful:

1. Keep the everyday ones handy.

It’s a no-brainer that you should keep everyday glassware in kitchen cabinets or cupboards so they can be easily accessed and put away. But not everyone knows to store wine glasses upright in a cupboard to avoid chipping.

2.Keep humidity and temperature consistent.

Fluctuations in the atmosphere may cause breakage or tiny cracks in delicate glassware. Simply put: Drafty garages and dusty attics are no place to store glass. Find a climate controlled store unit near you! 

3. Use original packaging.

Do you have more glassware than space in your cupboard? Professional organizers often suggest storing extra glassware in its original packaging, special boxes with cardboard dividers or free boxes from a liquor store, which separate and protect delicate items from damage.

4. Extra protection is always a good idea.

Fill glasses with packing paper and protect wine glass stems by wrapping them in bubble wrap when packing for storage. Once you’ve placed glasses inside a box, fill empty spaces in the box with newspaper or soft cloth so the glassware doesn’t shift. For especially fragile items, invest in specialty containers, like wine-glass storage boxes.

5. Don’t stack. Do label.

Say no to stacking and never, ever put a heavier box on top of the ones with glassware. You should also put “Fragile” on each side of every glass-filled box and “This end up” at the top of the box so everyone will know to handle that box with kid-gloves.

While these tips are great for owners of any type of glassware, they’re especially helpful for city apartment dwellers who are lucky to have even a few small cupboards in their kitchen. If you still find yourself with more glasses than you have storage, Gotham Mini Storage, the premier Manhattan Mini mini storage location, is here to provide secure and affordable storage for your extra glassware until you need it. Contact one of our storage experts today.