Under your bed is more than a place for lost sneakers, dust, and monsters to hide; it’s untapped storage potential too! When you’re living in a New-York-City-sized apartment—which you may even be sharing with multiple roommates—storage is a hot commodity. That’s why it’s important to make good use of every inch of usable space you can, even the ones you sleep above.

7 Tips For Under Bed Storage 

1. Roll with it

Rolling drawers are a simple and convenient way to store belongings beneath your bed. Not only will you free up some much-needed space, adding wheels to your solution will make accessing your things much easier. On a budget? Repurpose old drawers and simply attach the wheels yourself!

2. Suck it up

Vacuum-sealed bags are one of the best ways to store off-season or rarely needed clothes and bed furnishings. In addition to keeping them out of the way and clean, vacuum-sealing will cut the amount of space they take up drastically so you can store more.

3. Rise above

Can’t fit your storage solutions under your bed? Invest in some inexpensive bed risers to create up to an extra foot of storage space. Now you can use larger solutions or stack them on top of one another. While you’re at it, pick up a bed skirt to keep your room’s aesthetic intact.

4. Trust in Murphy

While you may not have an actual Murphy bed, you can still take inspiration from its space-saving design. A platform-style bed frame with a mechanism that lifts your mattress to expose hidden square footage is a real game-changer.

5. Crack a book

So you’re not reading Dickinson in the park or quoting Faulkner at your corner coffee shop, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some use out of a bookcase. When on its back, a bookcase is the perfect storage solution, complete with built-in dividers. Simply slide it under your bed and out of sight when you’re done.

6. Pack it in

You may not get away as often as you’d like, but your suitcases don’t have to remain dormant until your next trip. Use them to keep any belongings you don’t need quick access to or want to display and then return them to their home under your bed until your next adventure.

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