A recent article in the New York Times highlighted that New York City’s buildings commissioner said that scores of the 445 Lower Manhattan buildings his inspectors had labeled contaminated or otherwise temporarily uninhabitable, including some that house huge financial services companies and other large businesses, could remain so for weeks or possibly months.

If you are one of these businesses that needed to temporarily close due to water and flooding damage or were permanently shut down due to the damages of Hurricane Sandy, you should consider Gotham Mini Storage, located at 501 10th Avenue (at 39th) in the Manhattan borough in New York, for your business closing storage.

New York City is home to roughly a million companies both big and small and in today’s turbulent economic climate the unfortunate reality is that many businesses have found they need to shut their doors.  As disappointing as it is to have to close your business, the truth is that you still need to find some place to store your business documents, excess inventory, office furniture or more.  Gotham Mini Storage is an inexpensive and cost effective solution to your business closing storage problems.

Almost any type of company that is closing their doors can benefit and take advantage of business closing storage options at Gotham Mini Storage, including law offices, medical practices, retail stores and restaurants.

Business closing storage offers both a cost effective and convenient solution for storing such items as:

  • Files
  • Office furniture
  • Excess stock
  • Marketing presentations
  • Miscellaneous office equipment
  • Computers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Pianos

At Gotham Mini Storage, you can collect items from your storage unit seven days a week. This can be especially important to businesses where important business records are being stored and you need quick access to them. We also have easy drive up access to oversized elevators that make storing bulky items stress-free and offer custom racking and organizational tools to make storing in our facility easy.

Security is handled at the self storage facility should be one of the first questions you ask when shopping around.  We have 24-hour security coverage with over 100 security cameras.  You have your own lock and key to your unit and no one else, including our staff, will have access to your unit. Gotham Mini Storage has constant security surveillance, a high-tech entry system, and is the only mini storage facility in the world monitored by the TSA.

Gotham Mini Storage has climate-controlled units that keep the temperature and humidity under a constant and regulated temperature avoiding any fluctuation in temperature that can cause damage to important papers.  This is extremely important if you are planning on storing paper files as high humidity is the single biggest cause of damage to paper products. Climate-controlled units ensure that your goods remain in the same conditions as when they went in to storage. Unlike some other storage facilities in Manhattan, some of which allow for wide temperate fluctuations (even in the supposedly climate-controlled space of their self storage buildings), we carefully control the temperature in 100% of our storage facility.

At Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage), we are experienced in dealing with business closing storage for all types of businesses, from small businesses to large companies and offer many extra options for your convenience not found in the typical Manhattan storage facility. These include the first drive-in freight elevator in the country where customers can bring vehicles into the elevator and take items directly to their floor. Customers enjoy free move in shuttle services, custom built units, a full suite of moving supplies, and concierge moving solutions by a team of helpful moving professionals—all designed to take the pain out of business closing moving. Contact us for more information!