A Green Storage Facility.

While many self-storage facilities have been taking advantage of the assorted government incentives to put in solar arrays, Gotham Mini Storage in New York City has taken a step further with the installation of a state-of-the-art “cogeneration” power plant.

Cogeneration (sometimes said as combined heat and power or “CHP”) uses excess heat from the onsite production of electricity to both heat and cool a building. Gotham Mini’s self storage facility in Manhattan NYC uses advanced natural gas fed mini turbines (which are basically little jet engines) to supply the electricity employed by the facility.

The surplus heat discharged by the turbines is then captured, as opposed to being discharged into the atmosphere, and used to produce hot water. This hot water is spread throughout the building to produce heat during the winter months or fed into a chiller to make cold water for the building’s air-conditioning throughout the summer. Gotham Mini Storage additionally put in special advance window glazing throughout the self storage facility to keep the heat and cool air in the building increasing efficiency.

Not only does this technique greatly scale back the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere relative to standard ways like getting electricity from local utilities or burning oil to heat traditional boilers but it additionally provides for complete independence from the power companies as all electricity is made on site. So during Hurricane Sandy, while other self storage facilities within the New York area went days and even weeks without power, heating, ventilation or air conditioning, Gotham Mini Storage’s systems were running as if the hurricane never happened.

Gotham Mini Storage’s customers thus get piece of mind knowing that they’re storing in one of the foremost economical and environmentally friendly self-storage facilities and also are assured of getting an especially high level of dependability and consistency with regard to the climate-controlled storage and secured storage systems that protect their belongings. The money saved with this advanced ecologically friendly allows Gotham to pass the savings onto their customers. So they get all the benefits of a great self storage facility in New York City for much less.

With our environmentally conscious and state-of-the-art facilities, Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage) and the premier self-storage provider for Midtown Manhattan continues to remain one of the most modern self-storage facilities in the world.