Fall has officially begun and with it comes the changing of the seasons. For different seasons you need different items. The beauty of storing items in a self storage facility is that it enables you to be more flexible with changes in seasons, holidays and themes. Whether you are looking to put away things that you don’t need or won’t use, a self storage facility can be the easiest and most efficient way to do so.

Here are some storage tips to remember in order to get the most out of using storage facilities for seasonal items:

Outdoor Furniture

If you live in an area that gets particularly colder in the fall and winter, there is no use keeping summer furniture outside where it can be damaged by inclement weather. In New York City, even if you have some outside space, you probably don’t have any indoor area to store outdoor furniture. A Manhattan storage facility can help you to store this furniture so that it will be fresh and ready for you in the days when the cold weather subsides. Not only will this preserve your furniture, it will leave you with more space that will ease the headaches of seasonal changes.

Sports Equipment

When it gets cold, things such as volleyball nets and ping pong tables need to be brought indoors. Maybe you like to play golf or tennis and the season is over. Either way, having a good storage facility can be a fantastic way for you to store away sports equipment. No matter how big or space-consuming your equipment may be, a storage facility has many different self storage unit sizes that will allow you to securely store your sports equipment without giving up space in your home.

Holiday Decorations

Whether it is for Halloween or the winter holidays, keeping decorations in the home can be a burden. You will need a place that you can store them so that you don’t need to buy new ones every year. If you have special décor such as Christmas trees or lights, Halloween decorations or other seasonally themed objects, a self storage facility can help you to make the transition easier without creating unneeded clutter. And worried about dragging that artificial Christmas tree across the city? With Gotham Mini Storage, you can use our free move-in truck.

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