The decision on to store your things in a self storage unit is a simple one. You don’t have space for something you want to keep; you use a self storage facility. But picking the best one for you can be complicated. There are several factors that you want to take into account before you decide where to place your things. Keep in mind that where you store your things may very well be a long-term decision and shouldn’t be made without considering all of the options that you have available.

Here are some things to consider before making a decision on your self storage unit:

Unit Sizes

Most storage facilities offer different storage unit sizes. You need to figure out if you need a small locker for a few trinkets and toys or if you need a huge unit to store a house worth of stuff. Finding a facility that has all different size units can make picking a place much easier. At good self storage facilities like Gotham Mini Storage, the staff will be more than happy in helping you select what size unit you need.


This is a point that many overlook. You want to make sure that you store your things in a place that is properly secured. There is nothing worse than coming back to your storage unit only to find that it has been compromised and valuable possessions have been taken. In order to avoid this situation, ask the proper questions before deciding to use a facility. Make sure that you know all of the security measures that the facility will take in order to keep your things safe.


This point can’t be overstated. You want to think about how far your storage facility is from your place of residence. This is a topic that will come into play when you actually have to move a cumbersome object from your place of residence to storage or vice versa. You will have some serious regrets if you don’t consider this and end up having to move an old couch across town instead of a few blocks away. Also if you have larger items look for storage facilities that offer free move-in trucks to make transporting your things much easier.


One of the most important aspects to consider when picking a storage unit is what hours it is open. Some storage units are available 24/7, while others are only available for a select number of hours. Depending on your work schedule and lifestyle, the hours can make your life easy or create a huge inconvenience. Be sure to give this point proper consideration.


Of course, how could we forget about price? Obviously you want to make sure that you don’t overpay for storage, but there are also other factors to think about when determining cost. Look at how much value you are getting by using a particular facility? Some self storage facilities may cost a little more but the security and cleanliness can make all the difference in your self storage experience. Keep your eyes open for deals, promotions and specials that allow you to get lower prices for longer commitments.

So why use Gotham Mini Storage? Because our pricing, accessibility, multiple unit sizes, location and security make us the best self storage facility in Manhattan. We are a brand new storage facility, so unlike some of our competitors, coming to your storage unit is always a pleasant experience. Interested? Contact us today.