We have launched “NYC’s Most Cramped Space Contest”. Celebrity judges Rebecca Cole and Leslie Modell will pick the winners. Winners with the most cramped space in New York will win up to a free year of storage space at Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan and get room makeover tips from our celebrity judges. Entering this contest is very easy. Simply post pictures of your most cramped living spaces (bedrooms, kitchens, closets, or living rooms) to our Facebook page. Our celebrity judges will review these pictures and select a winner.

Our celebrity judges, Rebecca Cole and Leslie Modell are two of NYC’s leading authorities in the global real estate and design market. Cole is an award-winning and world-renowned garden and interior designer with an NYC based design business. You’ve probably seen her as the host for Discovery Chanel’s Surprise by Design. Modell is a popular NYC real estate broker and is the managing director at Warburg Realty and has appeared regularly on HGTV’s Selling New York.

Since many of our team members live in Manhattan, they fully understand the challenges of living with space constraints in the Big Apple. One team member confesses that he keeps his old winter coats and sweaters in his oven since he never cooks and eats out every night. The development team for the project, Steve Schwartz, Jack Guttman, and Alex Holiday, recognize that Gotham competes in a completely different market than those found in suburban locations. That is one of the reasons we have launched this contest so that New Yorkers compete to win free storage at our newest and most modern mini storage facility in Manhattan.

For more information about Contest, or to schedule an interview with the management team, contact us.