Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to feel like you are constantly fighting for another inch of space. By implementing a few clever organization ideas, you can make your small studio or one-bedroom NYC apartment feel bigger than you ever thought it could be. Here are a few simple ways to get started:

Use the Space Above You

When your apartment has a limited amount of floor space, you can easily fit more of your belongings by building up. Shelves are easy replacements for bookshelves, which will save you some floor space. They are a great way to get creative aesthetically, and they fit in just about any room. You can use them in the kitchen to store appliances or dishes.

Furniture That Does Double Duty

There are all sorts of furniture that allow you to kill two birds with one stone. A simple example is to use some chests as tables. They work great as surfaces, and they can be filled with any manner of objects. There are all sorts of options out there for couches that turn into beds, or even beds that can be folded into the wall. Additional options include sofas, beds and such with hidden compartments to store items, which can be a great solution for holiday decorations or that extra pillow and blanket for house guests.

Mount Your TV

Something as simple as attaching your TV to a wall mount can help you gain a lot of space. If you mount it to one with an adjustable arm, you can easily turn and adjust your TV no matter where you’re viewing. Best of all, you won’t need to buy a bulky entertainment center.

Opt for Large Furniture

When strapped for space, many people will buy several pieces of small furniture for their apartment, but this is the wrong move. Multiple small pieces can easily end up taking up more space than a few larger pieces. Bigger furniture can even give the illusion of your apartment looking more spacious.

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