Sometimes, organization and storage problems are caused by your actual apartment. Closets are nonexistent, kitchen cabinets are scarce, and there’s no built-in shelving—or even a good wall to position a Swedish DIY project. Living in a NYC apartment like this and don’t know what to do with all of your stuff? Here are some ideas:

Add Shelving to Storage You Already Have

Instead of worrying about buying a newer, bigger thing to put your stuff in, consider adding some shelves to the ones you already have. Adding some shelves or vertical dividers in your kitchen cabinet can not only help you to get extra storage space in them, but it’ll help you to be more organized. Take a look at your dressers, closets, armoires or anything else, and see where you can pop a shelf in.

An Alternative Bed Solution

The last time you used a bunk bed was probably also the last time you had super hero-themed underwear (and weren’t embarrassed by it), but bunk beds definitely aren’t just for children. There are plenty of modern, sleek and adult-looking loft bed designs for adults. Many frames have an abundant amount of built-in storage, such as drawers, shelves and in-headboard storage. You could also consider adding risers to your existing bed frame to gain another few precious inches, perfect for a sliding, slim plastic container.

Utilize a Storage Unit

There comes a point where you’ve thrown stuff out and done close to all you can to squeeze out some extra storage space in your actual apartment. When “stuffed” doesn’t begin to describe your current closet, you should consider renting a unit at a convenient self-storage facility. Look for units that are climate-controlled to keep your items from being harmed by temperature and humidity extremes, plus good security measures, like pass codes, using your own lock and monitored cameras. Many storage facilities also offer promotions that include a free or reduced month of rent.

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