Renting personal self storage space to declutter your apartment makes good sense, especially if you live in a high-rent area, like Manhattan. In the long term renting a personal storage unit is a cost effective solution to storing personal storage. Consider this example from a customer who opted to rent a personal self storage unit from Gotham Mini Storage to declutter his apartment from big pieces of sports equipment, camping equipment, and other items that he didn’t use on a weekly basis.

“We live in a small one bedroom loft in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, and our apartment was feeling very crowded and cluttered. We were thinking that we needed to move into larger quarters and started looking at bigger options. Let’s just say that after spending a couple days with our rental agent, we decided that staying in our loft and adding the cost of storage at Gotham Mini Storage was far far less money than the cost of moving to a larger place. By staying in our current place, and renting a storage unit for our overflow we were able to declutter our apartment and feel like our current space was much more spacious.

We moved our big pieces of sports equipment, like skis and ski equipment, camping gear, and even our kayak (which was leaning against our bedroom wall) into a 10 x10 storage unit at Gotham Mini Storage. The fact that it’s just a ten minute walk to our loft means we can go there whenever we want. With daily access to our gear, we can literally go there whenever we need. It’s like having an instant garage space. It seemed silly to spend all the extra time and money to find larger living quarters just because our apartment felt crowded with all of our extra items and large pieces of equipment. But then again, we didn’t want to have to get rid of it and it didn’t make much sense to rent this sports equipment every time we wanting to go skiing or kayaking.

The helpful staff at Gotham Mini Storage was able to customize our storage unit with shelves and wardrobe boxes so that we could also store our out of season clothes in the wardrobe boxes and our out of season items and holiday decorations in boxes and put them on the shelves for easy access. We labeled everything and put the items we used most frequently toward the front and the items we rarely used toward the back.

Gotham Mini Storage even sold moving boxes and supplies so it made it really easy and convenient. We just considered the cost of storage as a monthly fee added to our rent, and it came out to be a lot less expensive than finding bigger digs. Using Gotham Mini Storage allows us to rent a significantly cheaper apartment so since the savings significantly exceeds the added storage cost, this seems like a win to me.”

It’s easy to unclutter your apartment by moving these items into a personal storage facility:

  • Large holiday items, like artificial Christmas trees, and holiday decorations are big and bulky and take up a lot of space and are not worth storing in a small Manhattan apartment since they’re only used occasionally. Keep them handy and accessible in a personal self storage unit.
  • Rent a self storage unit to declutter your current home office and store items like: files, books, extra office equipment and office furniture into a 500 square foot climate controlled storage space. If you were to rent an equivalent office space in Manhattan it would cost anywhere from $2,000 and up per month. Instead rent a  500-square-foot storage unit and declutter your home office so that you can actually work from home. It’s a huge savings when you work from home instead of renting a second office rental space.
  • Keep financial papers, family heirlooms (yup, they still exist), furniture that can’t be replaced or is one-of-a-kind in a climate controlled Manhattan storage facility.
  • Instead of running a small businesses with inventory and stock out of your Manhattan apartment, keep that inventory and stock in a climate controlled apartment storage facility (remaining safe and secure) with customized shelves to fit your personal business storage needs. In those cases, that rental space is actually a business cost.

Whether you are looking for a self-storage unit to unclutter your Manhattan apartment or want a Gotham Mini Storage apartment storage unit for your personal storage so that you can make your apartment clutter free, the Manhattan storage facility at Gotham Mini Storage can be your solution. Gotham Mini Storage’s self storage units can hold as much as you need, can be customized with shelves to meet your storage requirements and come in any size storage unit you need – from 4′ x 4′ x 4′ storage units to an oversized 10′ x 20′ storage units.

Use an apartment storage facility to house extra books, computer equipment, sports equipment, office furniture and supplies, large appliances and seasonal items. Our online storage calculator will help you determine the unit that is just the right size for you.

Renting a storage unit is easy and allows you to hold onto your belongings while still keeping your apartment open, organized and uncluttered. Gotham Mini Storage’s low price guarantee ensures that you get the lowest mini storage facility price in NYC. As the premier Manhattan self storage facilities, we do not charge security deposits, and we offer packing and storage supplies on the premises.

Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage) serves our community with great pride including the West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, and Chelsea areas of the Manhattan borough of New York City. For more information, contact us and start to declutter your apartment now!