During today’s economic climate, many businesses in the Manhattan area have been forced to downsize to avoid bankruptcy. Downsizing often means finding smaller office space with lower rents, but leaves you with the question, “What can I do with all of my important files, office equipment and furniture?” Finding space at an affordable price in New York City can be a real challenge—but Gotham Mini Storage can help you with your downsizing needs! We have large and custom size units up to 200 square feet that can be modified with shelves, lights, and racks to organize your business records or inventory overflow. With extra tall 11-foot ceilings to house any special requirements, climate-controlled units, extra-wide aisles, energy-efficient lighting, carpeting and air conditioning, you’ll find our brand-new storage facility in Manhattan to be state-of-the-art and very accommodating.

Lots of local Manhattan companies downsizing their businesses have opted for Gotham Mini Storage as their premier solution to store unused items, merchandise, or other business and/or office supplies. Located, right in the heart of Manhattan, you can keep your belongings close and convenient to your new office space. If you’re moving to Manhattan and need to downsize, use one of Gotham Mini Storage’s self-storage units, not one close to your old residence to minimize travel time between office and your business storage unit. This will save you time after the move and make organizing smoother when you are in your new office space.

When your reorganization plans include the use of self-storage units, remember that protecting important documents should be high on your priority list. Gotham Mini Storage’s climate-controlled environment will protect important document, office equipment, and sensitive electronics. Don’t make the mistake of storing excess inventory, sale samples, and office equipment from your office to your garage or basement. We’ve heard horror stories of lots of important documents and expensive equipment being destroyed and lost this way. Home storage is not the solution.

Use Gotham Mini Storage to ensure the proper and professional care of all your company’s documents. We have the proven technology to protect your information during this time of transition and reorganization using our climate=-controlled environment.

Use Gotham Mini Storage for your business downsizing needs to:

  • Free up valuable office space
  • Store inactive files and business records
  • Store excess inventory and merchandise
  • Keep seasonal and holiday decorations and items within quick reach
  • De-clutter new office space

No Long-Term Commitment

Because circumstances can change suddenly in business, we understand you want space that’s flexible. At Gotham Mini Storage facilities, you can store by the week, month, year or for as long as you require. This is news you’ll appreciate, if the move goes quicker than expected.

Don’t Struggle with Heavy Items

Filing cabinets, computers, work stations, and conference equipment are all bulky and incredibly heavy. Our drive-up self storage units allow you to park right next to your door—saving on multiple return trips to your car or van. A large loading bay, plenty of pallet trucks and large trolleys, with extra-wide corridors are here to make your move-in as stress free as possible (to your back as well as your psyche.)

Don’t Pay for Space You Don’t Need

We have spaces that range in size from 10 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., and give you flexibility to move from units without imposing penalties. This is great to take advantage of in those cases when your inventory increases or decreases during the year. You’ll only pay for the self storage you need.

Keep Inventory and Sensitive Information Safe

We realize that your livelihood depends heavily on the stock you store at Gotham Mini Storage, and that files often hold confidential information you want to keep secure. Our well-lit corridors, 24/7 security with round-the-clock alarm system and more than 100 surveillance cameras can offer you peace of mind knowing that your valuable documents are kept safe.

Immediate Accessibility

There’s no waiting period, so sign today and you can use your space immediately. With seven day a week access, you can get to your things every day of the week at Gotham Mini Storage, even  on weekends.

No Boxes or Moving Van?

We have a wide selection of packing materials including boxes, tape and bubble wrap all available right here to make your packing and moving experience easier and more convenient.

So remember, if you are feeling crowded out by your inventory and excess paperwork, Gotham Mini Storage has all the space you need when it’s time to cut back.

Interested? Contact Gotham Mini Storage (the leader in Manhattan mini storage) today to learn more.