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Many kayakers in NYC dream of life without an off-season, but it’s just not possible with New York winters. Sadly, at some point, the water turns to ice, and your kayak must go into hibernation. While kayak storage in NYC can feel like a hassle, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll explain the best kayak winter storage solutions—showing you how to save space in your apartment and keep your kayak in peak shape—so you can get out of storage and back on the water in no time.

How to Store Your Kayak

As you wrap up your kayak season, many are left wondering how to store their kayaks properly. The last thing any paddler wants is to come back to their kayak after a long winter just to find it’s been damaged from improper storage. A little preparation, especially for winter kayak storage, goes a long way in keeping your kayak ready for next season.

Follow these long-term kayak storage tips to keep your vessel water-ready:

  • Clean the kayak thoroughly: A good season usually means your kayak will have a good amount of dirt and residue—scrub it down, rinse it off, and dry it completely before storing.
  • Shield your kayak from the elements: Rain, snow, sun and extreme temperature can cause damage, warping and other issues—making indoor storage best for season-long storing needs.
  • Prevent hull damage and distortion: Never leave your kayak lying on a flat surface for more than a couple of days—this distorts the hull, damaging the bottom of the kayak. Instead, your best (and easiest) option is a kayak rack; another option is a suspension system—either store-bought or DIY.
  • Protect your kayak from theft: A good kayak isn’t cheap—consider indoor storage in a locked area, out of view, to keep it secure. Other options include a vehicle steering wheel lock across the cockpit, or thread security cables through a sturdy part of the boat and lock it to a post or fence.

Finding Kayak Storage in Manhattan, New York

There are many considerations when it comes to storing your kayak, but one common theme is that indoor storage is best. A spare room, garage or shed are all better options than keeping your kayak outside all winter, but they’re not the best choice.

In New York City, and especially Manhattan, space is at a premium, and the idea of dedicating an entire room to a kayak just isn’t feasible. Besides that, if you’re lucky enough to have a garage or shed in NYC, your kayak will still be exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity, which can damage and warp your boat.

Follow these tips to find the best indoor kayak storage:

  • Be sure you can control the temperature to eliminate humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Keep the kayak away from windows to prevent sun damage
  • Make sure the space can be locked to avoid theft
  • Keep walkways clear for safety

At Gotham Mini Storage, our climate-controlled storage units for kayak equipment are a safe, easy and affordable option for winter storage. Plus, you can use it year-round for storing other big seasonal sports equipment without taking up valuable space in your NYC apartment.

Our convenient location in Midtown Manhattan makes kayak storage near you accessible, so you can quickly retrieve your equipment whenever you’re ready to get out on the water. Contact us to discover why we’re the leading Manhattan mini storage provider in NYC.